Lesson 4: YES! I like what I'm hearing.

Do the people who land on your website or read your content like what they hear? Hearing is more than just "listening" -- it's more than the mental sound of words in your head as you read them. When people like what they "hear," it means that what you're sharing connects with them, pleases them, reassures them, guides them.

In this video, you'll discover how the words you choose affect what people hear, how the way you position you words affects hearing, the most important word you can use to improve people's hearing, and a fail-safe trick for catching mistakes and stumbles in your content.

Also, in this lesson, I'll help you create a unqiue selling proposition so the right people know they're in the right place when they see your content or land on your site.

Download the USP Generator Worksheet now so you'll be ready to go.