Positioning, messaging,
and content that
lead people to YES

Do you own a small business?
Are you a coach or consultant?

Lead more people to YES with content for real people,
not bloated corporate-speak and mumbo jumbo.

Are you a marketing pro
or other content producer?

Lead more people to YES by outsourcing
to a pro writer who empathizes with buyers.

Are you a creative freelancer
selling services online?

Position yourself in such a way that people will
feel foolish doing business with anyone else.


Here’s what you need to know about Renae. She’ll quickly understand your market, audience, solution, and unique value proposition. She also has an amazing ability to adapt to markets and to write for specific audiences.


What a fabulous person to work with! If it’s the written word, Renae can help you — she’s done everything from straightforward editing to taking our raw, unformed ideas and turning them into fabulous marketing content.

User Experience and Market Researcher

Renae’s exceptional work requires little revision and oozes with passion for the subject matter and writer’s craft. She’s gifted and highly productive, and a highly accountable person to serve as a virtual extension of your staff.

Director of Product Marketing

The Yes Advantage


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