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People aren’t buying? Here’s what may be missing.

By Renae Gregoire

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a small business owner, marketer, or entrepreneur selling online products, services, or both.  

And, dag-nabit! People just aren’t buying.  

You know your offer is holy-hell valuable.  

If prospects would just say YES!   

If they’d just sign up now, click here, BUY … they’d get to experience your wallet-busting value, up-close-and-personal like.  

With me?  

Now, because you’re offering online products and services, and because I assume that you want people to buy what you’re selling in DROVES, chances are exceedingly high that you’ve also PURCHASED at least one online product or service … or, like me, many.  

(Way too many!)

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So let me ask: Why do we do it? Why do YOU do it?

Why do YOU pick up what other people are putting down?

Think back to one of the last things you said YES to online.

It may have been a course promising to help you live your best life, ever … for only $297.

It could have been a $997 group program you KNEW would help you bring in swarms of new prospects … and it will, once you finally get around to completing it.

(No judgement. I’m right there with you.)

Maybe you last said YES to a $5,000 coaching package that promised one-on-one support to help you enroll people into your own $5,000 coaching package.

I could keep going.

And chances are, you’d keep nodding along, inwardly saying to yourself in a small voice, “yes yes yes yes yes yes, Renae ... that’s me.”

So again, I ask: Why did you say YES?

You probably said YES because whoever was doing the selling made you FEEL things.

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You felt that you could rise up to the aspirational scene the writer painted.

You felt FOR CERTAIN that this $297, $997, $5,000 expense … the one you had to open up a Paypal credit account for (just sayin’) … THIS purchase would be THE THING you needed to live better, earn more, or jumpstart your withering, stuttering, perhaps nearly-dead business.

So, as the buyer, you were FEELING things, right?

What do YOUR buyers feel?

Flip back over into seller mode now.

Does your sales copy ... or do your offers ... make people FEEL things?

I’m not talking about those icky copywriting-induced feelings, like the “OMG this is my last chance to get in at this price!” feeling.

I’m talking about a jaw-dropping feeling that’s so riveting, so powerful, it can literally turn NOs into YESes, and thus turn sales around.

That feeling is:


Do your prospects say that about your offers?

OR — do they arrive at your price and feel:

OMG that’s way too expensive ? ???

Notice how those are two polar-opposite responses to the very same offer.

One response, and the feeling that goes along with it, is super excited! 

It's the feeling of ... yes, I want this amazing, tasty, tempting offer!

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The other response, and the feeling that goes along with it, is often accompanied by a sweep of the mouse or the touchpad up towards the “X” on the browser tab.

It’s the feeling of … crap, I want this, but it costs way too much.

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Now, we’ve all been told, and most of us know from experience, that the “money objection" isn’t ever about money.

If we want something, we FIND the money.

The last thing I found the money for was a $3,000 program promising a boatload of visibility.

I believed that the program would deliver, but I really didn’t have the money.

Like, I literally did not have three grand sitting in my operating account, waiting to be spent.

I have three kids away at college right now! Talk about a money hemorrhage….

Anyway, I wanted that $3,000 program. And I did what all over-extended people do in that situation:

I charged it.

If you don't know the Flintstones, watch this six-second video. 

(Yes, it's six seconds.)

If you don’t know the Flintstones, watch this six-second video

As an aside, it's funny to me to realize that I grew up consuming messages like the one in the video, encouraging my toddler, elementary-school, and teen-aged self to CHARGE IT.

But that’s another blog post.

Let’s return to the promise of this post, which is this:

How to tweak your offers so people feel they MUST purchase your product, service, or program.

What's the tweak you need to make?

The tweak you need to make is to jam-pack your offer with so much value, and so many goodies and bonuses, that long before reaching the price, a prospect looking at your $997 program thinks, “Crap. This has got to be a $15,000 program.”

You’re building the value, building the value, creating it, communicating it.

You're setting the reader's expectation. 

The reader is now expecting a price somewhere along the lines of $15,000, and they know, with a sad, sinking feeling inside, that there’s no way on Pluto they’ll ever be able to afford it.

But all that value….

That bonus!

They really want it.

Photo by Alexis Fauvet on Unsplash

So they keep reading, scrolling, looking ... waiting to see that price, the trigger they need to hit that “X” and close the browser window.

$15,000 …

I can’t afford it.

But I want it …

Then, FINALLY … the moment we, as seller, and they, as prospect, have been waiting for:

The price reveal.

Here it is …

It’s not $15,000!

It’s nowhere near that!

It’s only $997!


yes yes yes yes yes yes YES

What are the chances that your prospect is, that you are, going to give in to the impulse, right there and then, and say YES to that incredible offer?


The chances are pretty high.

We know this, you and I, because we’ve done it ourselves.

Even if it meant we had to “find” money we didn’t even have.

Because, holy moly, it truly was an incredible, irresistible value.

There you go.

The lesson is this: If people aren’t picking up what you’re putting down, amp up how you describe the value, BIG TIME.

Even if you close just one more sale that you wouldn’t have closed otherwise, it’ll be worth it.

And knowing what I know about me, and about copywriting, and about the buyer’s psyche, I have a sneaking suspicion you’ll close more, much more, than that.

Happy selling!

P.S. This post was borne from my own recent experiences in:

  • A) having my shiny-new $3,000 offer rejected twice in two days because it was “out of budget” (even though, truly, the value is incredible and worth WAY MORE than $3K), and
  • B) feeling compelled to buy SOMEONE ELSE’S $3,000 offer — even though I didn’t have the cash to do so — because I felt that the value THEY offered was incredible.

In the end, it comes down to two feelings:

  • A sinking, “out of budget” feeling, or
  • An “OMG I must have this” feeling.

Which will your offer elicit when your prospects discover the price?

Don’t know? Not sure?

Time to head back to draft-editing mode, and figure it out.

Your hungry, needful prospects are waiting!

P.P.S. As for my rejected offer? You better believe I’m reworking it so that people understand what a delicious, delightful, MASSIVE value it truly is!

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