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Visibility: You built your business, but they’re not coming

By Renae Gregoire

You built your business.

But they're not coming.

People aren't seeing, hearing, feeling, or experiencing you.

It sucks. It hurts. But it doesn't have to stay that way.

I've been doing this online business thing since 2002, which is when I hung my shingle as a freelance writer.

Over the years, I've worked with many, many business owners, corporate marketers, and solopreneurs, all of whom share your pain in one way or another.

  • Our consultancy needs a steady flow of clients so I'm not out there beating the street, looking for business, every day.
  • I started this business, told my friends, family, and network about it, but ... nothing else is happening.
  • If I don't find some customers fast, I'm going to lose this business.

Do you relate?

This is heartbreaking stuff, whether you're part of a corporate machine or not.

But I'm writing to tell you that it doesn't have to be this way.

You CAN make changes to get the visibility and traffic and business you need.

How do I know?

Because I've seen it happen.

I've seen business owners take action so that: 

  • A steady flow of clients comes in from your blogging and other thought-leadership activities
  • The word gets out, and people begin to recognize you for your work and gifts
  • Prospects and customers see, hear, feel, and experience you, and then want to hire you

A large part of the turnaround happens because of visibility, whether it's becoming more visible -- authentically visible -- to your list, to a publication's audience, or to the world at large.

I created a video about visibility and my experiences with it, and invite you to take a look and a listen, here:


About the Author

Renae Gregoire is a content mentor and clarity expert changing the world one outstanding leader at a time. The coaches, consultants, and experts she works with have big visions for creating transformational change--if only they could create that content! Her work typically involves a blend of strategy and wordsmithing, with a heavy focus on the reader's perspective. Renae is also the creator of the Blog Post Inspiration Deck, the Blog Your Brilliance online program, and the Content Coaching Club.

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