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Promise Phelon, CRO

By Renae Gregoire

Promise Phelon, CRO
January 31, 2017

Renae is passionate about her work, and it is evident that she is committed to her clients. On numerous occasions, Renae has given us strategic direction about how we position ourselves, present our capabilities and deliver work to clients.  I recommend Renae for your projects and as a member of your marketing and communications team.  She is an incredible asset, and we plan to continue our relationship with Renae into the foreseeable future.


About the Author

Renae Gregoire is a content mentor and clarity expert changing the world one outstanding leader at a time. The coaches, consultants, and experts she works with have big visions for creating transformational change--if only they could create that content! Her work typically involves a blend of strategy and wordsmithing, with a heavy focus on the reader's perspective. Renae is also the creator of the Blog Post Inspiration Deck, the Blog Your Brilliance online program, and the Content Coaching Club.

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