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Antoine Rios

By Renae Gregoire

Antoine Rios
January 31, 2017

We felt we had a void when producing wording for brochures and letters. Being engineers we used to write our brochures too technically and it took very long time to come up with the right words. After meeting Renae, things are different. She wrote our brochures and presentation letters to effectively attract prospective customers. She can convey technical contents in an easy-to-read and persuasive way. Having Renae do our writing was the most cost-effective decision regarding the preparation of our brochures and letters. I strongly recommend Renae to anyone looking to produce marketing communication pieces.


About the Author

Renae Gregoire works with passionate people who need help capturing their brilliance and conveying it clearly, concisely, and effectively. She pulls out the bits of knowledge and wisdom that live inside you, organizes those bits into coherent, reader-focused messages, and then builds on those messages to create anything from a piece to a suite of marketing content designed to lead people to say YES to your offers.

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