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Success story for a technology company

Providing proof for people considering a SaaS product

To create this winning technology success story for a major SaaS enterprise solution provider, I drew from an interview recorded by my client and provided to me.

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Click the image that follows to see the raw first draft I submitted to my client. The story has been sanitized, meaning that I removed identifying names and details.

From the client's side, the draft would have been fed into an existing template, with pull quotes and other graphical elements identified and added.

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Renae Gregoire works with passionate people who need help capturing their brilliance and conveying it clearly, concisely, and effectively. She pulls out the bits of knowledge and wisdom that live inside you, organizes those bits into coherent, reader-focused messages, and then builds on those messages to create anything from a piece to a suite of marketing content designed to lead people to say YES to your offers.

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