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May 09

Time to stop sucking at this blogging thing

By Renae - Testing | 30 day blogging challenge , Blogging , Lessons learned

Where’d consistency in communication go?While poking around on my Blog Post Ideas spreadsheet looking for goodies to write about, I came across a Harvard Business Review blog post by JD Schramm, which touches on the importance of Consistency in Communication.  In recounting the story of a professor who for years and years consistently sent a typewritten […]

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Apr 27

Luminous writing: Holy crap, that’s scary!

By Renae - Testing | 30 day blogging challenge , content confidence , Writing

Let me be luuuuuuminousEvery day during the 30 Day Blogging Challenge, I’m drawing a set of cards from my soon-to-be-available Blog Post Inspiration Deck. One of the cards today is luminosity. Luminosity. Luminous. I love that word, both the sound of it … luuuminous … and the diverse images it brings to my mind. Like … a sunbeam, […]

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