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Perceptions: Do your prospects see what you see?

By Renae Gregoire

Do you see what your customers and prospects see? 

Running a business can be kind of strange.

Here we are, doing this thing we do, selling that thing we sell.

Trying to get the word out.

Trying to get our product or service in front of our ideal customers.

It's a lot of work, right?

We're busy scurrying here and there, selling with soul, serving with passion, and supporting everyone who comes our way.

  • New prospect! Arrange a phone call -- but wait, is the booking system connected, tested, working?
  • New sale! Book time on the calendar -- oh no, is it really three weeks before you can get to them?
  • New marketing thing! Buy a course to learn about it -- but wait, will I really use Messenger Bots in my business?
  • New training program! Sign up, committing to 12 weeks of work and thousands of dollars --  but wait, will this program really differentiate me?

We're each in our own glass jars, circling the walls, banging against the lid, spinning about, striving here, struggling there.

But hold on a minute.

Where are our customers? Where are our prospects?

They're not inside the jar with us.

They're on the outside, looking at our jars.

Looking at our labels. At our activities. At us.

Are they seeing the same thing we're seeing?

More important, are we purposefully showing them what we WANT them to see?

Are we carefully managing their perceptions?

Have we crafted the jar's label?

Or are we too busy working our a$$es off inside our jars, trying to get their attention?

What's the label on your jar say?

Here's the thing.

Prospects are on the outside of our jars.

They're looking at some label.

But we can't read the label of the jars we're in.

That is ... unless we're purposeful about what that label says.

We must be intentional about the labels on our jars. 

Otherwise, people will label us however they want.

Take me, for example.

What does the label of MY jar say?

  • Freelancer for hire?
  • Hours for dollars?
  • Words for sale?
  • Writing coach?
  • Blogger?
  • Card deck creator?

At the moment, my label says Freelancer for Hire. That used to be okay because I used to be a Freelancer for Hire.

(If you're not sure what your label says, ask people you trust and respect to give you their take.)

Today I'm not. Today I'm in the process of relabeling to content mentor to outstanding coaches, consultants, and other experts with big visions and the ability to bring about big transformations. 

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But changing a label isn't just as easy as pasting a new label on top of the old one.

The change we're seeking has to happen first. THEN we can change the label.

Otherwise, customers will sense the dissonance between who we are and who we SAY we are.

And if that happens, they'll run. 

So, go ahead; check your label. 

If you don't like what it's saying, there's no better time than the present to change it.

Join my tribe?

Do you sweat the small stuff? Do you want your online presence to inspire trust and confidence? Do you grit your teeth when others don't care enough about YOUR web experience? Are you all about creating an excellent website and excellent content that makes it easy for people to get to know, like, and trust you and buy your stuff?

I think we might be soul mates. And I'd love for you to join my tribe.

When you do, I'll alert you to new blog posts, new programs and products, and new ways for you to create excellent, frictionless, online experiences that lead more people to YES! I promise to be relevant and real, and to send only thoughtful content and advice.


About the Author

Renae Gregoire is a content mentor and clarity expert changing the world one outstanding leader at a time. The coaches, consultants, and experts she works with have big visions for creating transformational change--if only they could create that content! Her work typically involves a blend of strategy and wordsmithing, with a heavy focus on the reader's perspective. Renae is also the creator of the Blog Post Inspiration Deck, the Blog Your Brilliance online program, and the Content Coaching Club.

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