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Partnership brochure for a security company

Presenting partnership opportunities to entrepreneurs

This full-service security company in New York needed a partnership brochure to promote its partnership opportunity to entrepreneurs.

I developed the content so the brochure would accomplish several objectives:

  1. Explain the unique partnership model and build a case for why the model makes sense and is preferable to the franchise model​
  2. Describe the market for security services so that readers understand that “now” is the right time to start a security business
  3. Inform readers of the firm’s value proposition and advantages–the very points that make clients want to sign up for security services in the first place
  4. Outline the services and benefits offered, and that new partners would be able to offer as well
  5. Drive readers to call or visit the website for more information about the opportunity.

To complete the work, I studied competitors’ websites, and generated a detailed, in-depth questionnaire to get answers to questions about readers, the company, and the partnership model.

View the partnership brochure sample

Click the image that follows to view the resulting partnership brochure.

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