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What can I help your clients with?
I can help them:

Develop the RIGHT content

What information should go on their websites? Do they need a brochure? Should they blog? What kind of lead magnet should they create? Your people can get expert guidance on developing content for every stage of the buyer's journey.

Create CLEAR messages

Clarity starts with simplicity. Do your clients explain what they do, and the change they bring, simply enough? Do readers "get it," fast? I'll help your clients create messages that lead people to want more. More clear content and more of them.  

Write GREAT copy

Part of writing great  content is clarity. The other part is writing: the headlines, the bullet points, the transitions, the flow. I'll share my writerly tricks and techniques that make for great copy so your clients can learn to write their own. 

Attract their IDEAL clients

Great content ... great copy ... attracts ideal clients and repels those who aren't ideal. These days, it's not good enough to work with any-old warm body. I help your clients create content with enough "oomph" to both attract and repel.  

Focus on THEIR business

Your clients are entrepreneurs, not writers. Writing, and worrying about writing, sucks up time they could be spending growing their businesses. With my content support, your clients will get done faster and have more time to do what they went into business for in the first place!

Feel PROUD of their copy

Sharing content with prospects and existing clients can be terrifying, especially if the people sharing that content lack confidence in their writing. I'll give them the skills and confidence they need to send the terror packing and proudly share their content with the world. 

Here's a sampling of my offerings.

30 Days of Authority Blogging 

This email program provides blog training for 7 days, followed by 30 days of detailed blogging prompts with load of examples to help coaches, consultants, and other experts jumpstart their creativity and blogging.

The Blog Post Inspiration Deck

This is a physical card deck I'll send via the mail. Makes a great stocking stuffer or gift for the writers, bloggers, and vloggers in your life! The deck provides more than 8,000 unique combos and endless inspiration!

Blog Your Brilliance homestudy program 

This 5-module program helps online business owners jumpstart (or restart) their blogs. It includes daily blogging prompts (not the same as in the 30 Days program), assignments, templates, checklists, transcripts, more!

Content and Copy Club weekly

I rarely advertise this intimate, weekly program where I meet with club members to edit and refine their content and copy during live Zoom calls. When I open the program up again, you'll have an opportunity to offer the monthly, six-month, or yearly versions.

Express Yourself Marketing Content

I'm not sure I'll be running this popular challenge again! I will, however, be offering the challenge videos and other materials at regular intervals throughout the year. This program is great for anyone who wants to discover creative, new ways to express themselves with marketing content!

Get More YESes 1/2 Day VIP session

I've not yet offered this $3,000 package as an affiliate offering before, but I'll be doing so several times during 2021! If you'd like an opportunity to earn a cool $300 (or more!), keep an eye out for emails announcing the upcoming promotions! 

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