Welcome to the Blog Your Brilliance PILOT!

Welcome to Blog Your Brilliance! Are you ready to jumpstart your blog–and your writing confidence? I hope so, because that’s exactly what we’re going to do over the next five weeks together. Each Monday, you’ll receive access to a new module. Watch the videos, do the assignments, and share your questions, comments, and insights in our private Facebook group. I look forward to working with you, and helping you BLOG YOUR BRILLIANCE!


Bonus Module: How to Install WordPress

Need help with blog tech? This video will walk you through installing WordPress so you can get started blogging. During Week 1, I’ll also bring on a WordPress expert for a live demo and Q&A. Stay tuned!

Module 1: Getting Started

Can you speak blog? Don’t worry — that’s one of the many things we’ll cover in this “Getting Started” video. I encourage you to listen in even if you’ve been blogging for a while; you might learn something new!

Module 2:  Plan Your Blog, Blog Your Plan

In this module, you’ll create an editorial calendar that sets you up for blogging success for the next three months. I’ll provide the template and guidance you need to get this thing done.

Module 3: Nuts and Bolts and Writing

This module is chock full of goodness: blog post formats, what Google wants, what readers want, what readers NEED to find, be attracted to, and effortlessly consume your content.

Module 4: Ideas All Around

This might be the most important module of all. In it, we’ll talk about ways for you to generate ideas, track them, and turn them into unique blog posts that don’t exist anywhere else on the Internet.

Module 5: The Confident Blogger

In this single-lesson module, prepare yourself for and learn to tackle the mindset crap issues that affect all bloggers at one time or another. Also get a heads-up as to what’s next now that the program is complete.

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