Know like trust: 5 ways to add it to your website & content

Know Like Trust: 5 Ways to Lead People to YES

By Renae Gregoire

Know, like, trust: 5 ways to lead more people to YES

Free, no-email-required guide on know, like, and trust

You’ve probably heard at least one expert say that people buy from people and companies they know, like, and trust.

Trouble is … that’s where the guidance stops.

It’s like: “Know, like, and trust. You need it, so go do it! Get to it!”

But HOW?

What does it *really* mean to “know, like, and trust” someone?

And, more important, how in the world do you make “know, like, and trust” happen on your website? In your course? In your content?

Making “know, like, trust” happen for you — that’s what this free ebook is about.

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Know like trust Website Essentials: 5 ways to lead more people to YES

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