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Energetic Writing: The Energy of the Words You Choose

By Renae Gregoire

Energetic writing: Putting your thoughts into words  

Have you ever stopped to think about the energy of the words you use, whether in your life, your business, or in your marketing content?  

By marketing content, I mean your website, your blog, the emails you send, the landing pages you create, the lead magnets you provide.  

There are two components to the phrase "the energy of words."  

There is energy.   And there are words.  

I'm pretty sure we all agree on what "words" are, so let's take a quick peek at the word "energy."  

Note: if you're a physicist, there's no need to tell me how wrong my description is; I'm playing here!

► And that includes you, J.R. (J.R. is my son, who's studying to be a physicist)! ◄

Back to the word "energy."

You probably remember from science class, way-long years ago, that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

It can only be converted from one form to another.

Of interest to us is potential energy; potential energy is energy waiting to be used, or transformed, into kinetic energy, or energy created due to motion. 

The way I see it, when a word is in your head, mulling around, waiting to be read by a prospective client, it has a certain amount of potential energy.

The more you play with that word, the more energy is created.

When you release that word into the world by typing into your marketing content, and a prospective client begins reading it, that potential energy begins to be converted to kinetic energy.

Then, as the word mulls about in the prospective client's mind, it goes back and forth from kinetic energy to potential energy to kinetic energy and back again until the word exits the reader's short-term memory and rests once again in potential energy.

Your prospective client has temporarily moved on to the other words and thoughts you present in your content. 

If the prospective client does NOT engage with your words, if they do not move or transform her in some way, then those words never undergo the transformation of potential to kinetic energy within her.

The potential remains stored within your words until the next prospective client comes along.

And here's the thing: that potential energy of your words?

It is unlimited, endless, infinite.

In the beginning was the Word.

If one million people on the planet were to read the words on your blog post at the same time, not only would your server crash, but each of those people reading could draw on the potential energy stored in your words.

Again, I feel the physicists among you shaking your head, bewildered at my incoherent ramblings.

But to the rest of you ... but to YOU, dear reader ... I bet my ramblings make some sort of sense.

That's because we KNOW that words carry energy. 

And as creators—we are all creators—we have the privilege, and the responsibility, of playing with words.

I love to play with the energy of words!

I love directing it. 

Testing it.

Trying it on.

Adapting it.

And I'd like to have you try it yourself, right now, with two simple exercises.

Exercise 1: Feel the energy of different words

If you keep a journal, it might be helpful for you to engage with the exercise by writing. In other words, if you engage with the words, really engage, you will be engaging in all sorts of energy transfers, making the potential of your transformation even larger.

If you prefer just to read, that's okay.

No sweat; the energy of the words still works.

First, I'll set forth a few words or phrases for you to think about. 

How about these words:

  • Inspiration / inspired

What energy does the word INSPIRATION carry for you?

How about INSPIRED? 

What inspires you?

What inspires your readers?

What does inspiration mean to you?

And now, the next set of words:

  • Something you're thankful for

What energy comes to you when you think about that?

You might think about the bandage that covers the papercut you just got on your finger <$*!&!%>.

Or maybe you'll think about your life.

Or the air you're breathing.

You probably already know about the restorative power of gratitude

Imagine that!

When you think about words, especially words related to being thankful, or grateful, you undergo physical transformations. 

Amazing, this power of words!

For this exercise, let's look at one more word:

  • Voracity


That word's kind of fierce!

Voracity is the state of consuming a lot of something.

What energy does that carry for you?

Maybe you're thinking of your friend's voracious appetite for jasmine rice.

Or your appetite for $100 bills.

Or for new leads in your inbox!

New clients!

Can you feel the energy?

Want help getting started journaling?

Click the image below to download my free "5 Day Journaling Plan for Entrepreneurs."

5-Day Journaling Plan for Entrepreneurs

Exercise 2: Feel the different energies of the same or similar words

Next, consider the following energetic wordplay using words you might choose to begin an email to your audience. 

For the sake of simplicity, it is an audience of one—me!

Here are the examples; please read them with the intention of hearing them said aloud in YOUR head. And remember, you are the writer of the email; I am the recipient of your words.

Here are the different ways you might greet me:

  • Hey there, Renae.
  • Heeeeeeyyyyyy there, Renaaaaaaeeeee.
  • Renaaaaeeee, waaaazzzzuuuuppp.

Can you feel the potential energy that might accompany each of those greetings?

Now let's look at how I, as the recipient of your words, might receive that energy.

The greeting

What the greeting might
say about you, its speaker

Hey there, Renae.

You're cool, calm, professional ... yet friendly.


You're shouting at me! You're excited! And you're striving for my attention!

Heeeeeeyyyyyy there, Renaaaaaaeeeee.

You're laid back, perhaps overly so. Either that, or you're leering at me, in a creepy way. ?


You're a big-city guy or gal, and you REALLY . WANT. TO. GET. MY. ATTENTION. YO!

Renaaaaeeee, waaaazzzzuuuuppp!

You like Budweiser ... or are easily distracted by lizard memes.

The thing is, when we write emails, or any content for that matter, we do so as a matter of course.

We don't go into meta-mode, thinking about our thoughts, the messages we're sending with the words we choose, and how readers—or potential clients—might receive those words.

Maybe we should!

For instance, look at the last example in the table, the one where you (supposedly) wrote, "Renaaaaeeee, waaaazzzzuuuuppp!"

Now I realize you might NEVER write those words to a prospective client. 

But what if you did?

If you wrote those words to me, I would receive them with the image of a meme in my mind, therefore associating you with that meme, for good or for bad, for all eternity!

Here is the meme; click on the text box below to see it.

For a bit of fun, click here to see the lizard meme I'm thinking of; it's one of my favorites, ever! I hid it because I didn't want to disturb you while you were reading ?


Was this post as fun for you in the reading as it was for me in the writing?

I hope so ?

I also hope that my ramblings, my words, pierced you in some way, whether to cause you to consider the words you use in your marketing, or to consider the words you speak to those you love.

Words carry energy, and power.

Words ARE energy, and power.

Words are you. You are your words.

Use them as the precious gifts they are.

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