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The elevator speech: it’s not just for elevators anymore

By Renae Gregoire

From elevator speech to e-speech?

During my recent mastermind retreat, I worked on my elevator speech, aka elevator pitch, that sentence or two you say when someone asks you what you do.

:: begin conversation ::

ME: <extends hand> “Hi, I’m Renae. Nice to meet you.”

THEM: <accepts hand, pumps warmly> “Hi, I’m Ideal. Ideal Client. Nice to meet you, too. So … what do you do?”

ME: <making great eye contact> “I’m a writing coach. I work primarily with solopreneurs who want to grow their credibility, leads, and sales through blogs, email newsletters, and other content.”

THEM: <nodding along, eyes widening in understanding> “Oh, cool. That sounds like something I need; I’ve been wanting to start a blog forever but never seem to have time for it. Tell me more.”

:: end conversation ::

Well … at least that’s the response we WANT when we share our elevator speeches.

But here’s the thing. Most of my connections these days are online.

And, thankfully, there are no elevators online.

If there were, they might look something like this:

With permission from

But I digress.

The point is … we have so many more opportunities to use an elevator speech online than we do offline.

Here are five you can use right now.

1. When introducing yourself in a Facebook group

2. In the Facebook popup that shows when mousing over your name

3. In your LinkedIn headline

4. In your Twitter profile

5. On Instagram

Where else might your elevator speech come in handy, offline or online?

Share your ideas in the comments!

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