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Direct mail for a criminal defense attorney

Using direct mail to address the fear in people hit with criminal charges

This direct mail letter for a criminal defense attorney was designed to be mailed to folks as soon as cases against them were filed.

The idea here was to play off the single, greatest emotion that the reader would be feeling: FEAR. Fear of the unknown. Fear of jail. Fear of what a conviction might mean in the future.

The letter sets up the attorney as a friend, an advocate, a non-judgemental purveyor of information who only wants to help.

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Direct mail results

Oh, by the way, here's something that most copywriters and direct mail letter writers won't tell you: I later learned that this letter did not pull much of a response. Why? Both my client and I believe it was because we failed to consider that the target reader in this attorney's neck of the woods might only have attained a high school diploma. This letter, on the other hand, was written to a more sophisticated reader, and likely would have worked well in a different market.

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