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Hey there.

If you're a determined, passionate coach or consultant ... and if you need to create client-attracting, relationship-building copy for your website, blog posts, emails, proposals, and more, then I have a question for you.

IF there was a proven, affordable way...

to create client-attracting copy that leads people to know, like, and trust you and say YES to your offers -- EVEN if you're not a writer, don't know what to write, or often get stuck at the first word -- would you finally press publish and share your brilliance with the world?

If you answered yes to that question,
then I have a special invitation for you

Hello. I'm Renae Gregoire, creator of the Blog Your Brilliance online program, the Blog Post Inspiration Deck, and the Express Yourself Marketing challenge.

For the last 30 years, I've been writing, editing, and helping coaches, consultants, marketers, C-level executives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners create marketing and sales content that generates awareness, educates, builds relationships, activates know-like-trust, and, ultimately, leads more people to YES.  

My secret? It's a special blend of magic:

  • A honed sense of what buyers need and want to say YES to an offer
  • Wizardry in the art and science of creating connections with readers
  • Intuitive knowledge of what compelling, easy content experiences feel like
  • An innate ability to craft content that differentiates, communicates with clarity, and attracts ideal customers to YOUR unique blend of magic 

And now, for the first time, I'm sharing my magic with you. 

Introducing the Creative Copy Club

The Creative Copy Club is a monthly group coaching and training program for passionate, heart-centered coaches, consultants, and other entrepreneurs who want to transform the world and need to create great copy to do so. 

The Club gives you ongoing access to me, your new copy mentor, and my decades of experience in writing, editing, and marketing. 

It's a safe space to bring your copy and content questions so you can get your content DONE and your brilliance into the world. 

The Club will help you to:

Develop the RIGHT content

What information should go on your website? Do you need a brochure? Should you blog? What kind of lead magnet should you create? Get expert guidance on developing content for every stage of the buyer's journey.

Create CLEAR messages

Clarity starts with simplicity. Do you explain what you do, and the change you bring, simply enough? Do readers "get it," fast? Learn to create messages that lead people to want more. More clear content and more of you.  

Write GREAT copy

Part of writing great copy is content and clarity. The other part is writing: the headlines, the bullet points, the transitions, the flow. Learn writerly tricks and techniques that make for great copy so you can write your own. 

Attract your IDEAL customers

Great content ... great copy ... attracts your ideal customers and repels those who aren't ideal. You don't want to work with any-old warm body. Discover the secrets of writing copy with enough "oomph" to attract--and repel. 

Focus on YOUR business

You're an entrepreneur, not a writer. Writing, and worrying about writing, sucks up time you could spend growing your business. With copy "in the bag," you'll have more time to do what you went into business for in the first place!

Feel PROUD of your copy

Sharing your copy with prospects and customers can be terrifying, especially if you lack confidence in your writing. Send the terror packing when you get the skills AND confidence to proudly share your content with the world. 

Meet my crown jewel editor

"Meet Renae... she is my crown jewel editor. She's expensive, smart... she'll push back on your work, but the outcome... delish."

PP // Serial CEO, Founder, Investor

I appreciate your words, feedback, and mentoring

"Thank you, Renae!! Your work here is so amazing and generous. I truly appreciate your words, feedback, and mentoring."

Jo Ann Wenner // Transformational Coach and Consultant

I invite you to join me in the Creative Copy Club where, as you a member, you'll get:

Ongoing access to me

Tap my 30 years of writing, editing, and content marketing experience to create excellent content for your business. Get ongoing access to my eyes and "ears," and answers to your content marketing, copy, and writing questions.  

2x/month Creative Copy Calls

The best part of the Club! Twice each month, we'll meet on Zoom. Pick my brain, ask your questions, and watch and listen in as I edit and improve member-submitted content. Editing + community = fun + big learning for all.

Weekly content prompts

Each week, receive a themed content prompt that keeps you writing. A blog post here. A web page there. An ebook outline. Some ad copy. Social posts. All delivered along with my guidance for that particular type of content.

Private Facebook community

We'll also have our own, private, Facebook club community where you can meet, socialize, and learn from your fellow entrepreneurs. I'll also be active there, supporting you and answering your content-related queries.

Blog-share opportunities

Get more visibility and social juice by using our community to find guest blogging opportunities, recruit guest bloggers, and give and get blog comments and backlinks. This activity will take place in a special FB thread. Promotion opps abound!

The ability to think like an editor

Learn to make your own content shine in our group and during Creative Copy Calls. It won't be long before you begin to see your content the way an editor does--through the eyes, ears, hearts, and experiences of your readers.

What happens during our Creative Copy Calls? 

Q&As, mentoring, and live, hot-seat editing. Take a look.

Start writing. Write better. Sell more. 

You have motivated me to start writing

"Renae, so far you have motivated me to finally start writing, which is huge! I think the structure is key for me. I had some time yesterday, so I wrote two blog [posts] ... thank you so much."

Becky Godshall Moore // Creator of the High Vibe card deck

... oozing with passion for ... the writer's craft

"Renae’s gifts as a writer are extraordinary: whether the need was fast-cycle (often same-day), longer-term, or more editorial in nature, Renae delivered exceptional work, requiring little revision, and literally oozing with passion for both the subject matter and the writer’s craft."

Allyn Horne // Product marketer

Try the Club risk-free for 30 days.

I feel so confident in the HUGE value of the Creative Copy Club, and in my ability to help you significantly improve and create new client-attracting content and copy, that I happily offer a 30-day, 100-percent money-back guarantee.  Simply participate in the Facebook group, and attend or watch the replay of two Creative Copy Calls.  If on day 31 you are unsatisfied for any reason, let me know and I will refund your money. No hassles.


Want to know when the Club opens? Join the tribe to stay in the loop! 

Talk about "beyond expectations!"

"Renae, talk about “beyond expectations!” I can’t thank you enough for your work on behalf of my consulting business. While your overall skill and professionalism are outstanding, there are 2 specific areas that truly stand out. First, your focused expertise in BOTH writing and marketing brings to the table great value for clients (like me) who need integrated support. Second, I am extremely impressed by your ability to get “inside” and understand a business with which you are initially unfamiliar. Not only do you succeed here, but your deep interest in learning about my new business really shined through."

Emory Petrack, MD // President

... continually demonstrated how I could improve the quality and clarity of my writing

"While Nathan Marz and I were writing Big Data for Manning Publications, we had the privilege of Renae serving as our Development Editor. During the development of the book, Renae continually demonstrated to me how I could improve the quality and clarity of my writing. She constantly asked questions that unveiled weak arguments which I had overlooked. On multiple occasions, she helped restructure a list of loosely coupled ideas into a strong theme that unified a chapter. Renae is a dedicated and driven editor, and should the opportunity arise, I would be pleased and honored to work with her again."

James Warren // Author

Love this ... getting me to take action! Yeah!

"Thank you! Renae, yes, love your feedback, I have already thought about adding in a couple things and appreciate your guidance. I think today/tomorrow will work on editing and upleveling my 1st two blogs. Love this ... getting me to take action. Yeah!"

Michelle Kennedy Rembert // Entrepreneur, ICF member

... [you] teach in such a way that we each believe, 'Oh, I can do that!'

"You are amazingly talented! One of the mad skills I see is your ability to teach in such a way that we each believe, 'Oh, I can do that!' This is the 'more' you have been calling to you! Own it, girlfriend!!!"

Rozlyn Warren // Founder, Sacred Life Mastery


Will you record the Creative Copy Calls so I can watch at my convenience?

What's the difference between content and copy?

I don't want to join the Club, but I'd like to purchase the Blog Your Brilliance home-study program. Is that available separately?

Can I pay in advance for a year to save money?

Is there course content, like video lessons, with this program?

How do I get my content edited on the Creative Copy Calls?

What if I have a question I don't see answered here?


Want to know when the Club opens? Join the tribe to stay in the loop! 

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