What's standing between you and more sales?

Would you believe me if I said ... papercuts?

Yes, papercuts.

Hear me out. 

Since I started my freelance writing practice almost 20 years ago, I've seen brilliant entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small business owners, coaches, consultants, artists, and online experts pour many, many tens of thousands of dollars into their businesses only to run into a wall because of common problems with their sales and marketing content -- things I call papercuts.

  • Poor first impression
  • Irrelevant graphics
  • Unexplained terms
  • No social proof
  • Strange color schemes
  • Unequal value exchange
  • No way to contact you
  • Broken forms
  • Content looks dense
  • Unclear differentiation
  • No way to close the gap
  • Poor text flow
  • Heavy negative language
  • Unanswered questions
  • Broken shopping carts
  • Content lacks structure
  • Lack of thought transitions
  • Heavy jargon
  • No clear selling proposition
  • Lack of evidence
  • Preaching
  • Overly sales-y language
  • Lingering objections
  • Grammar errors and typos

I know, I know.

None of us is perfect.

We all make mistakes.

And it's that very thinking -- we all make mistakes -- coupled with the uber complexity of online marketing -- all the gajillions of moving parts and pieces -- that leads too many entrepreneurs to fall victim to the peril of papercuts. 

The peril of papercuts? They add up! 

What you see there, in the previous illustration, is 1,000 papercuts

Maybe you've heard the phrase, "death by 1,000 papercuts"?

The original phrase is "death by 1,000 cuts," which is an old Chinese method of torture and execution by dismemberment or ... slow slicing.


Gross, I know.

Today, "death by 1,000 papercuts" refers to dying by 1,000 small problems instead of a single large one.

And that's the same thing that happens with your content. 

  • You're in a giveaway, and people pass over your gift because the image you provided looks less than professional. Papercut! (People are busy ... competition is fierce ... which means people are more selective than ever.)
  • Someone lands on your website, which looks like it was built in the 90s. Papercut, papercut, papercut! They really want what you have to offer though, so they start reading. Wait, is that a typo? Tiny papercut. What's this supposed to mean? Papercut <sigh>. They head to your service page, and see a too-large image of a man eating pizza ... and you're selling consulting. Papercut! (They're hurting now. So off they go.)
  • A prospect signs up for your newsletter. They enter their name, then their email address, then click the Subscribe button ... but nothing happens. Are they subscribed or not? Enter again. Click again. Same nothing. They REALLY want to hear from you (a rare case, indeed), so they head to their inbox to see if you sent a welcome email. But nope. Nothing. Papercuts galore!

Can you see how painful these things are? And most of them aren't even related to words. 

This is also where I come in.

Fixing content and papercuts are my expertise!

Hi, I'm clarity expert and content coach Renae Gregoire.

It breaks my heart to see so many of my colleagues, friends, and fellow entrepreneurs struggling to share their brilliance due to ongoing tangles with content.

Maybe you relate.

Maybe you're wrestling with a lead magnet. You need it done NOW so you can start building your list, but you can't even look at it one more time.

Writer, editor, content coach Renae Gregoire

Maybe your lead magnet IS working to bring in new people, but you're not happy with the emails you're sending. Maybe those emails aren't working.

Perhaps you've poured your blood, sweat, and tears into your website, LinkedIn bio, paid ebook, or other content, only to get low to no response--and you have no idea why.

It could also be that you've spent the last six months to a year asking various coaches, copywriters, and colleagues to give you input on your content, and now -- after you integrated all of their suggestions -- you're left with Franken Content, and you have no idea how to fix it!

Whatever the issue, I've seen it. 

I get it.

Your content isn't working.

People aren't clicking, replying, buying.

That's why I created the Content Coaching Club.

The Content Coaching Club

The Content Coaching Club may be your answer.

The thing is ... hiring me to fix your content one-on-one may be out of your budget.

The Club gives you an opportunity to submit your content for review during one of our weekly -- YES, weekly -- calls. During our hour together, I review as many pieces of content as I can. And if I can't get to yours the first week, then it moves up in the queue.

But the Club is not just for you to have me review YOUR content, as great as that is; it's a place and time where you can LEARN to create great content by watching me review the content of others. 

Whether I'm reviewing your content or someone else's, you'll learn to eliminate as many of the papercuts in your content as possible, while also adding lots of the GOOD things that great contents brings.

How much is it? For Founding Members, the Content Coaching Club is $37 bucks a month for as long as you remain a member. No commitments.

Here are the details:

  • ​​Content Coaching Club 
  • $37 a month
  • Meet weekly on Zoom for content coaching
  • Thursdays, 1pm - 2pm ET
  • Submit your content in advance

Psst ... Founding Members get awesome BONUSES, too ... keep reading!


When I open your piece, live, during one of our weekly Content Coaching sessions, I'll experience your content as readers do:

  • Drinking in the first impression
  • Sliding down the words on the page, sensing how they read and make me feel
  • Exploring the buttons and links and whatever other tech might be involved

But unlike your readers--your prospects--I won't turn away when I encounter papercuts. I'll tell you about them while trying to make sense of what this particular content is trying to bring to the world. As I encounter papercuts, I'll offer empathy (been there) and prioritized recommendations for fixes (done that).

The way I see it, you don't need another strange email from some random person blasting you because of the typo on your landing page, or telling you how ticked off they are because your link doesn't work, or how they DEMAND a refund because they couldn't do your program because they had to take their cousin Fred to the beach for the summer.


You don't need that.

You need support and guidance for what's broken, and knowledge about how to fix what's ailing.

That's what I provide ... TLC included.

Special Bonus for Founding Members!

I invite you to join me in the Content Coaching Club. With the information and insight you receive through our sessions, you'll be able to eliminate those papercuts so your content does what it's supposed to do -- build trust and lead more people to say YES to your offers.

What kind of content will I review? Whatever content you use to move readers closer to a sale or closer to being a repeat customer. The Content Coaching Club is for web content, lead magnets, landing pages, email messages, sales pages, course content, ebooks, PowerPoint presentations, and much more.


What's the Bonus for Founding Members?  Become a Founding Member of the Content Coaching Club, and enjoy the Club for $37 a month for life, no matter how much the price increases. As a founding member, you'll also get: 

  • A one-on-one, 30-minute private content coaching session with me each month for the next six months
  • Unlimited email and text access to me for answers to your quick content questions for the next six months; get quick help with headlines, opening paragraphs, bits your fighting with, and more!

How much does it cost? For Founding Members, the Content Coaching Club is $37 a month. 

I'd love to work with you, and look forward to helping your content fly!

(Note: When you sign up, you'll see a welcome page with a link to join our private Facebook group. You'll also receive a welcome email with details of how to take advantage of member benefits!)

© 2020 Renae Gregoire, The Write Idea, ineedcopy.com 

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