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Blog Your Brilliance PILOT

Jumpstart Your Blog (and Your Writing Confidence)

No more "thinking" about blogging. With the support of Blog Your Brilliance, actually DO IT. 

Blog Your Brilliance is a seven-week program to help you jumpstart (or restart) your blog--and your writing confidence.

Part training, part live Zoom Q&A, part coaching, the program is designed to not only teach you how to blog, but also to get you blogging.

Over seven weeks, you’ll:

  • Start a blog if you don't have one already (Bonus training!)
  • Tackle the mindset issues that keep you from blogging
  • Tap  into what your audience needs to hear
  • Discover unique ways to create unique posts
  • Create an editorial calendar to guide your bloggy activities
  • Learn what goes in to a fabulous blog post, from titles and subheadings to images and graphics
  • Write at least seven blog posts (I'll hold you accountable) 
  • Get in-depth editing and feedback from me on two of those posts (so you can be a better writer)
  • And discover (and do!) what it takes to be an excellent blogger

What does it mean to be an excellent blogger?

An excellent blogger is someone who plans a blog and then blogs according to plan. An excellent blogger also writes unique, authentic posts that build credibility and trust, posts that people want to read and share.


  • M1 - Introduction 
  • M2 - Ready, set, mindset
  • M3 - You and your readers
  • M4 - Ideas all around
  • M5 - Plan your blog, blog your plan
  • M6 - Nuts and bolts and writing
  • M7 - The confident blogger
  • BONUS - Create a simple WordPress blog (a step-by-step video)

Note that more bonuses are likely coming! Also, modules are subject to change because you, as a pilot program participant, will help me create the program as we go!

Download the program info sheet for more details.

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