Finally, get your blog going.
Get your message out to the world.

Blog Your Brilliance

You're an entrepreneur, not a blogger.
But you need to blog to grow authority, credibility, and "know, like, and trust."

This is especially true if you're in an industry where YOU are your brand, or where whatever differentiation you can manage is to be had in content marketing. People read blogs. I read blogs. YOU read blogs. So do your prospects. 

You want to feel PROUD to send them to your blog. You want your blog to be filled with excellent content, content that has them reading and thinking things like this:

  • OMG he's telling it just like it is.
  • Wow, I never thought of it that way....
  • Yes, this is exactly what I need to hear.
  • Why is no one else saying this?
  • OMG she's brilliant! I want to hire her!

They'll read your blog posts and sign up for a discovery session. 

They'll download your thoughtfully, artfully crafted lead magnet, which happens to be tucked within a blog post on the same topic.

They'll join your tribe when you offer the invite, which just happens to be positioned right at the end of every blog post.

They'll become part of your tribe so you can send them content that makes them think, makes them smile, makes them grow.

And, if there's a fit between what they need and what you offer, content that makes them buy!

How to destroy credibility by asking for the sale too soon

The thing is ... even if you agreed ... even if you said, "Yes, I need to blog," ... could you? Would you know what to do, what to say? Could you establish and maintain a steady blogging cadence, the heartbeat of your business? Ba dump. Ba bump. Blog post. Blog post. Ba dump. Ba bump. Blog post. Blog post. 

If you already have a blog, maybe you're not happy with it.

Or maybe you started. And then stopped. And then you started ... wrote a few half-hearted pieces ... and then stopped.

Or perhaps you don't know which blog posts to create first, much less what to say.

Maybe when you DO write, you're afraid to put it out there. Maybe you're not the world's best writer and fear being judged. "Um, there's a typo."

Or maybe you simply don't have time to give it your best.

Yep, I've seen (and done!) it all.


Enter Blog Your Brilliance.

A five-week, five-module program
to kickstart (or restart) your blog. 

5 weeks. Brilliant blogging.

Imagine if you hooked one end of a data cable to my brain, and the other end of the cable to yours. 

Inside the room labeled "blogging," you find file cabinets and folders overflowing with pieces of paper, sticky notes, printouts, and images--everything I know about blogging.

There's an intro folder that covers bloggy lingo and other blogging basics. And another folder all about the editorial calendar--how to create one strategically, so that it aligns with the outcomes you want in your business. Then there's the audience--who the heck are you writing for, anyway? And what do THEY want?

You see a folder on the nuts and bolts of writing, along with writerly tricks for better writing. You discover where to get ideas--how to create unique content that no one else on the 'net can replicate.

Like I said. It's my brain on blogging.

Everything I've learned since 2002 while working with and blogging for solopreneurs, the owners of mom-and-pop shops, service-based professionals, coaches, consultants, startup CEOs, and marketing executives at small and large businesses. 

I've sifted, sorted, tossed the rubbish, dusted off the good stuff, organized it, made it pretty, and called it Blog Your Brilliance. And now you can have it at your fingertips.


But it's about MORE than the mechanics.
Blog Your Brilliance is about YOU.

A lot of blogging programs out there ... MOST programs, for that matter ... focus solely on the mechanics of blogging. 

  • How to set up a blog
  • How to design your blog
  • How to write an editorial calendar
  • How to choose keywords
  • How to write great blog titles
  • How to choose images
  • How to create an editorial calendar
  • How to handle the whole SEO thing
  • How to promote your content
  • And on, and on, and on

There are 1,000,001 blog-related topics out there to learn. (I've been blogging since the early 2000's, and I still don't know it all!) 

You CAN learn those how-tos and mechanics anywhere. You don't need Blog Your Brilliance for that. (Although I do think I make learning that content fun in my own, unique, crazy way!)

What I think you DO need Blog Your Brilliance for is the focus on training and guidance -- almost like mentorship -- that's missing from those other programs. You need Blog Your Brilliance to get a focus on YOU.

It's about you blogging strategically.

What's missing from other programs is -- FIRST -- a focus on YOU in terms of your business. On your messaging. On figuring out what your readers WANT and NEED to hear. On figuring out what you want your blog to do for YOUR business. And then mapping those two together so that you satisfy their needs and wants while achieving the goals you have for your business. You'll do that in Blog Your Brilliance.

It's about you blogging brilliantly.

Another missing piece is -- SECOND -- a focus on YOU in terms of your brilliance. And in terms of BLOGGING your brilliance. Do you know what your brilliance is? Can you identify what makes you uniquely qualified to offer the products and services you sell? Can you sprinkle bits of that brilliance on every blog post you write? Yep. You'll dig into that, too.

It's about you blogging confidently.

And the final missing piece is -- THIRD -- a focus on YOU in terms of your writing ability and writing confidence. I delivered earlier versions of Blog Your Brilliance LIVE, with me gently and lovingly pointing students in the "write" direction. As a bonus to the home study program, you will receive recordings of those weekly Q&A / Live Editing sessions, where you'll get to watch me edit blog posts LIVE, and listen in as I share what's going on in my mind when making changes. I know from my own and client experiences that simply listening in to a marketing writer "at work" can amp up your writing skills and writing confidence big time, so I know you'll find these bonus recordings of Blog Your Brilliance editing sessions valuable as well.  

What's included in Blog Your Brilliance?

Modules. Assignments. Worksheets. Templates. Prompts. AND MORE.


Five modules

Get all five modules immediately to consume as quickly or slowly as you'd like. Each module comes with a blog post assignment, but you can always write more if you'd like. 

Daily blogging prompts

Although I bet you'll be a fountain of blog post ideas by the time the program is over, I'll get you percolating with daily blogging prompts via email for the first five weeks of the program.

A private Facebook group

Yeah, yeah ... can't have an online program without a Facebook group! Blog Your Brilliance is no different. Meet fellow bloggers and share your work. 


Follow the program, and you WILL create brilliant, new content for your blog. It's time to open up and share your brilliance with the world!


BONUS! Recordings of past Q&A and editing calls ($297 value)

Listen and learn as past students picked my brain and had their content edited live so they (and you!) can know what goes on in the mind of a master writer and editor (that's me) as she reads. 


Ready to Blog Your Brilliance?

Purchase the home study version of Blog Your Brilliance today. 


Communicate that BIG THING inside of you.

Put it out into the world through your blog. 

Your investment: $997

Special Home Study pricing: $297

What students are saying:

Someone on my list joined my year-long journey!

Yipee! Thanks to this group I am more intentional about my writing and someone who has been on my list for a long time joined my year-long journey BECAUSE of the Beltane article I sent Monday! Thank you, Renae...!

Rozlyn Warren  //  Mentor and Transformational Healer

I appreciate your words, feedback, and mentoring.

Thank you, Renae!! Your work here is amazing and so generous. I truly appreciate your words, feedback, and mentoring.

Jo Ann Wenner  //  Transformational Coach and Consultant

Renae Gregoire  //  The Entrepreneur's Editor

Hello! I'm Renae Gregoire, marketing writer and editor, blogger and writing coach. I'm so pleased that you're considering purchasing the Blog Your Brilliance home-study program.

I've been serving clients since 2002, and in that time have written and edited ... millions ... of words! I see possibilities--in people, in businesses, in content--and know how to give them life. You will see evidence of that throughout the program, as you learn to Blog Your Brilliance!

Renae Gregoire

What people are saying

No, she didn't write this recommendation, but I would have had her do so!

Renae is simply fantastic at writing and editing. She takes extra steps to ensure that she grasps the facts and nuances of your business and message. She also puts structure around your thoughts and challenges you to improve your thinking, messaging, positioning, and overall marketing. No, she didn't write this recommendation, but I would have had her do so!

Marya Ulis  //  Chief Marketing Officer

Renae is a throwback to a time when craftspeople weren't satisfied until their work was done right.

Renae is a throwback to a time (that probably exists only in legend) when craftspeople weren't satisfied until their work was done right. She did absolutely everything I asked, and a great deal more, to ensure I was happy with the project. I expect top work but it was a very pleasant surprise to learn that Renae clearly cared about the success of my project.

J.D. Sallen  // CEO

Talk about "beyond expectations!"

Renae, talk about "beyond expectations!" I can't thank you enough for your work on behalf of my consulting business. While your overall skill and professionalism are outstanding, there are two specific areas that truly stand out. First, your focused expertise in BOTH writing and marketing brings to the table great value for clients (like me) who need integrated support. Second, I am extremely impressed by your ability to get "inside" and understand a business with which you are initially unfamiliar. Not only do you succeed here, but your deep interest in learning about my new business really shined through. 

EMORY PETRACK  //  MD, President

The Best Time to Kickstart Your Blog is NOW.

Your ideal prospects are out there on the Web, searching for exactly what you have to offer. But they'll never know what it is you offer ... you'll never connect with them ... you'll never attract them ... if you lack the blog content that does those things for you. Now is the time. Invest in your success with Blog Your Brilliance today. 

5 Simple Steps to...

Fabulous new blog posts for your fabulous new readers,

by You

Ready to Blog Your Brilliance?

Purchase the home study version of Blog Your Brilliance today. 


Communicate that BIG THING inside of you.

Put it out into the world through your blog. 

Your investment: $997

Special Home Study pricing: $297

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