30 Days of Authority Blogging

Fill your blog with anchor content to grow "know, like, trust" and lead more people to say YES to your offers

30 Days of Authority Blogging is a 30-day email course to grow and showcase your authority

Ready to start blogging? Or to get serious about your existing blog? Looking for a way to build "know-like-trust" with your readers, and turn more of those readers into clients? 

It's possible! Imagine having a blog filled with aspirational, educational anchor content that showcases your expertise, and positions you as an authority in your field. Imagine your blog being a way for your perfect potential clients to get to know, like, and trust you, and a way for you to give people the confidence they need to know that YOU'RE the right choice, that they ought to say YES!

That's what your blog can do for your business. And that's the kind of blog you'll be able to create through 30 Days of Authority Blogging. With this email program, you'll receive seven days' worth of Quickstart training in your inbox. And then each day for the next 30 days that follow, you'll receive a daily email with blog post prompts and examples for those prompts from veteran content marketer, writer, editor, and blogger, Renae Gregoire.


Hi there. I'm Renae Gregoire. Pleased to "meet" you!

I created 30 Days of Authority Blogging for (at least) two reasons. 

First, truth be told, I'm all-coursed-out; I no longer get great joy from watching polished videos that feature PowerPoints and talking heads or PowerPoints and voices reading scripts. But I'm NOT tired of email. Though I still receive far too much of it, there are certain emails from certain people I receive and read with joy Every. Single. Time. I look forward to this content, and wanted to give you, my student, that same joy and experience. 

Second, I'm a true believer in the power of blogging to help coaches, consultants, and other experts lead more people to say YES to their offers. Blogging can help you attract more clients. It can help you differentiate yourself—to stand out in a sea of sameness. Blogging can also help you build your authority and influence. And I'd love to help you accomplish all of those things through 30 Days of Authority Blogging.  

See you on the inside?

Renae  :) 

Create enough blog content for the next few months or quarters

You probably already know that blogging is a great long-term strategy for building that all-important "know, like, trust factor." It's also a great way to establish and build your authority, to plant your stake in the Internet ground. 

And for many coaches, consultants, and other experts, blogging is a strategy that feels good, at least for a time. Then, as is normal, you get busy, or into a rut. You run short of time, or content ideas, or both. 

You need inspiration. You need motivation. You need a virtual kick-in-the pants! That's what 30 Days of Authority Blogging can be for you, if you let it.

Each of the prompts come with examples for how to use it. And each is designed to help you reach inside yourself and around your environment for ideas and inspiration that no other blogger on Earth can replicate!

Said another way, you're not just getting 30 emails. You're getting 30 emails that, together, give you the keys to virtually unlimited ideas and inspiration.

  • As soon as you sign up, you'll start receiving seven days' worth of on-ramp training to get you ready to blog. Topics covered include mindset, planning, and editorial calendars.
  • After the training, get 30 days' worth of blog post prompts and, more important, ideas for using those prompts.
  • Join me in the Entrepreneurs on Message Facebook group to share your blog posts for peer review and content sharing with other authority bloggers (great for Google juice).
  • For a limited time, also get a BONUS training on how to reuse your blog content on social media, for videos, and in your email marketing (hint: I just learned this latter strategy recently; it blew me away!).
  • Choose the expanded edition to receive access to the program through a private, members' portal, which also includes each day's training in the form of a downloadable PDF and short video lesson. 

That's some of what you'll discover inside 30 Days of Authority Blogging.

Reuse the 30 days' worth of prompts as much as you want whenever you want! 

Your purchase gives you the full-play version of 30 Days of Authority Blogging

Because the content of your inbox belongs to you, you'll always have the Authority Blogging emails to reuse again and again, whenever you need extra inspiration or want to create another storehouse of content. 

Or, if you'd like, purchase the extended edition of 30 Days of Authority Blogging

Purchase the extended edition, and after you receive the final email in the 30-day sequence, you'll also receive lifetime access to a member's portal, where you'll find short, daily videos for each of the 30 days, as well as downloadable PDFs, one for each day's prompts. No need to hunt for or try to keep track of the original emails. The PDFs (shown in the images below) and their accompanying videos will live inside the member's area. When you're ready to blog and need inspiration, just log in; the content will be there, waiting for you. 

In the extended edition, receive each day's prompts as a downloadable PDF; the image above shows the front side of the PDF; the image that follows shows the back side.

No matter which edition you choose, get the training & prompts delivered right to your inbox

Quickstart, ramp-up training

Before you receive the daily blogging prompts, you'll get seven days' worth of inbox training on topics like mindset, readers, and the editorial calendar.

Bonus training content

Blogging is also good for your social channels, videos, and email marketing. A bonus lesson will teach you how to get more mileage from your blog content.

Daily blogging prompts

Use each day's prompts right away to build a strong library of authority content. After the first 30 days, revisit the prompts to see what new sparks fly.

Peer reviews and post-sharing

Join the Entrepreneurs on Message group and share your latest blog posts with other authority bloggers. Read, comment, share, and grow together.

Blog post ideas & inspiration

Along with the prompts, tap my 20+ years of experience perusing and creating blog content. So many ideas! And I can't wait to share them!

An extended edition option to wrap it with a ribbon and bow

Get the expanded edition for member access to short, daily videos and downloadable PDFs for each day's blogging prompts.  

Introductory Pricing $37

* Purchase 30 Days of Authority Blogging

* Start your training today

* Get your first blogging prompts next week

* Purchase the expanded edition for $37 more

Here's what happy readers and clients say

Always glad to see Renae's name pop up in my inbox

I greatly enjoy being subscribed to Renae's blogs. They're always inspiring, well-written, and are a great model for me of how to engage with your audience. Having been following her for a few years, I am always glad to see her name pop up in my inbox.

Sandra gelinas  //  Founder, Akashic Focus

Renae's questions make me stop and think

You ask questions that make me stop and think about how I'm showing up in my own business. You create a safe space for exploration and conversations about the questions you spark off. 

Mary Duggan  //  Founder, Cockleshell Creative Coaching


Well goll darn it Renae Rost Gregoire - You're INSPIRING! I published on Medium just to give it a whirl.

Jo Ann Wenner  //  Founder, Prism Transformational Coaching & Consulting

Introductory Pricing $37

* Purchase 30 Days of Authority Blogging

* Start your training today

* Get your first blogging prompts next week

* Upgrade to the expanded edition for another $37

Blogging makes so much MORE possible!

Whether you're new to business or you've been in the trenches for 20+ years as I have, 30 Days of Authority Blogging will help you create exceptional, authority blog content that leads people to know, like, and trust you, and thus more likely to say YES to your offers. Just starting to blog ... ready to get serious with an existing blog ... longing for a blog that brings in more leads and sales? I created 30 Days of Authority Blogging FOR YOU. 

  1. 1
    Create blog content so strong that people GET you, your thinking, your brilliance. Have you ever felt a sense of joy when someone expresses a thought or feeling you've had in a new way, or even when they express something you've known but not yet articulated? That's how great blog content ought to be. And the beautiful thing about that joy is that your readers will feel it as well, as joy multiplies when you share it
  2. 2
    Create blog content that gives you so much credibility that people know you're a top contender if you're up against others. When someone visits your blog and discovers a library of blog content on the topics you specialize in, you become a credibile authority in their eyes. Plus, when they READ your content, readers can come to know, like, and trust you, which makes them that much more likely to buy. 
  3. 3
    Create a blog in ways that give you freedom instead of tie you down. There's a reason why blogging is a long-term strategy; it's because blogging isn't easy! I'm not going to promise "ease," but I WILL promise to help you blog as efficiently as possible. A lot of that efficiency comes down to the topics you choose to blog about. The 30 Days of Authority Blogging program uses this lever to help you get more blogging done in less time.

What MORE readers and friends are saying

Someone on my list joined my year-long journey!

Yipee! Thanks to this group, I am more intentional about my writing and someone who has been on my list for a long time joined my year-long journey BECAUSE of the Beltane article I sent Monday! Thank you, Renae...!

Rozlyn Warren  //  Transformational Healer, Sacred Life Mastery

More interesting, simple, and to the point

I've never been someone who enjoys writing. In fact, it's always been a "chore" for me. But Renae is showing me ways to make my writing more interesting, simple, and to the point. I like that!

Marion Gellatly  //  Image & Style Consultant, Powerful Presence

Feeling more confidence!

The valuable tips Renae shares are personal to my business and results-driven; I can hear her voice later while writing content. My writing has improved and I am feeling more confidence!

JANICE HURLBURT  //  Acuity Certified Expert and Strategist

Introductory Pricing $37

* Purchase 30 Days of Authority Blogging

* Start your training tomorrow

* Get your first blogging prompts next week

* Upgrade to the expanded edition for another $37

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