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How I work

Thinking of doing business with me?

Although we might have to do things differently for your specific content marketing project, here’s a general idea of how I work.

The discovery phase: Contract, deposit, information dump, questionnaire, interview

Once we decide to work together, I’ll prepare a simple contract outlining my responsibilities, deadlines, and terms.

Depending on whether or not you’re a new client, and the size of your job, I may require a deposit, typically 50-100 percent in advance.

My next step is to ask you for written or electronic information on your products or services–as much as is humanly possible! To communicate to your target audience about your goals, products, services, and benefits, I need to know the details of what you’re offering, and to intimately understand your target market. I accomplish these tasks by reading your existing literature, and by conducting online research and email or phone interviews with you and, if needed, members of your team.

As part of discovery, I’ll develop an in-depth questionnaire that helps me get to the heart of your company, your market, and your products and services. This is not any-old questionnaire; it is not a “canned” questionnaire I stole from someone else on the Internet. Yes, some of the questions I tend to ask over and over, but you’ll find that most questions come right from my research and are directly applicable to your project.​

A word of warning: Some clients do not like this part of the project, because it means WORK for you. But if you want excellent content, content that differentiates you from your competition and helps buyers to confidently say “YES” to your offers, then I need answers to my questions and responses to my concerns. That’s how I create content that sets you apart: By diving down into low levels of detail, and anticipating and answering reader concerns, objections, and questions.​

To make this part of the work easier, you can respond to my questionnaire in one of three ways:

  1. By inserting your responses right into the Word document (least costly)​
  2. By recording your responses and sending the audio files to me for transcription
  3. By phone interview; I’ll record our conversation and send it out for transcription (most costly)

The writing phase: First draft, one revision round, change-of-scope options

After I receive your responses to the questionnaire, I’ll start writing the content. If your project is large or complex, I’ll submit an early draft of a single piece of the content to make sure I’m on the right track. In return, you’ll use Word’s “Track Changes” and “Comment” features to suggest changes, additions or deletions–it’s your project!

Once I know that I’m on the right track, I’ll proceed with the writing, completing a full first draft. Depending on the size of your project, I may deliver portions of the copy along the way to make sure you’re getting the style, tone, and message you want–and to keep things moving at a steady pace.

My fee includes ordinary consultations and a single round of revisions within 10 days from the delivery of the first draft. If you need a second revision, either I haven’t done my background work properly (unlikely!) or you’ve changed the scope of the project in some way (likely!). If you do need revisions after first round, however, or if the project lags for any reason beyond the 10-day time-frame, I’ll be happy to contract with you for the additional work.​

Another thing to note is that I’ll never charge you for something outside the scope of our agreement without getting your permission first. What kinds of things? Well, transcriptions, interviews for testimonials, research that you don’t want to do yourself, and odds and ends that may come up during a project. I’ll always get your approval first.​

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