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Jun 20

3 ways to use writing to share your gifts with the world

By Renae - Testing | Differentiation , Small business , Writing

You’re a solopreneur. Now what?I love being a solopreneur.  I love peeling back, refining, and communicating deeper and deeper layers of talent, all with the glorious goal of serving my ideal clients and in some ways changing the world. Yeah, that’s lofty. But it’s also true. If you’re a solopreneur, then your goal might be something similar.  You hold […]

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Jun 18

I joined a mastermind; here’s why I’m staying

By Renae - Testing | mastermind , Solopreneur , The freelance business

Investing in yourself and your business with a mastermind You know what it’s like when you do something stupid? For instance … spending $10,000 to join a mastermind?<GULP>“Did I really just do that?!?”“What will I tell my husband?!?”“How will I PAY for it?!?”Well, that’s exactly what I did back in March 2017.I joined a mastermind group.At […]

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Jun 08

Closed loops: the most-overlooked secret to business success

By Renae - Testing | Confidence , Customer experience , Freelance fails

It’s something so small, so easy, yet so often overlookedI’ve been working from home as a marketing writer since 2002. Over the years, I’ve hired many dozens of vendors and contractors:PrintersDevelopersDesignersVirtual assistantsEditorsResearchersWritersAnd I am consistently dumbfounded by people’s inability to do one simple yet crucial thing, even if asked. That thing?  It’s closing loops. Not Fruit Loops®, the brand.Photo […]

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