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May 09

Time to stop sucking at this blogging thing

By Renae - Testing | 30 day blogging challenge , Blogging , Lessons learned

Where’d consistency in communication go?While poking around on my Blog Post Ideas spreadsheet looking for goodies to write about, I came across a Harvard Business Review blog post by JD Schramm, which touches on the importance of Consistency in Communication.  In recounting the story of a professor who for years and years consistently sent a typewritten […]

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May 07

Hiring a writer: Am I right for you? Are you right for me?

By Renae - Testing | Expectations , Hiring a freelance writer , Lessons learned

Am I the right writer for you?Dear reader, Welcome!  I’m so glad you’re here. My guess is that you’re on this page for one or more reasons. You may be looking for:  The Blog Post Inspiration Deck (coming soon!)A fabulous marketing writerA supercalifragilisticexpialidocious editorPricing for writing and editing servicesInspiration for your own writing or editing bizInformation on that wacky […]

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May 07

What if your website was perfect? (And is that even possible?)

By Renae - Testing | Customer experience , Expectations , Website

Aaaaah … the perfect website    What if your website was perfect? What would that look like? Imagine with me for a moment. People would arrive on your homepage and be impressed right away.  Gorgeous colors. Beautiful images. Impeccable design.A easy, yet confident vibe that says, “Hey, I’m an expert. You can trust me. I can help you.” A headline that let […]

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May 06

Marketing 102: You caught a prospect’s eye. Now what?

By Renae - Testing | credibility , Expectations , Trust

Toot your own horn (shh … quietly)   Hooray! You’ve completed Marketing 101 and grabbed a potential client’s attention.  Now what? Now, the marketing continues.  This time though, in Marketing 102, your goal is to build that always powerful know, like, and trust factor. Your goal is to give prospect the feeling that you’re qualified and more than able […]

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