Small business motivation: Be willing to do the work

By Renae Gregoire | Inspiration

Jan 14
Want online success? Do the work.

The other day, I ran across an inspiring, motivational image for small business motivation in an email from Gapingvoid Art. 

To me, the image communicates, in a nutshell, that it's easy to look at a person you admire, a company you'd like to emulate, or some end result you want, and feel discouraged.

From the email:​

It's easy to look at someone's success story and think "Why didn't I think of that?" or "They make it look so easy".

In reality nothing is ever as easy as it seems. Reaching your own goals, getting where you want to in life, those comforts aren't handed off to anyone.

But we forget this. We especially forget this when we launch our own startup, and we end up thinking that we’re the only one who’s ever had to go through all this mess and pain for so long.​

“It takes us fifteen years. It takes everyone else three weeks. Boo.”

We've referenced this before as “comparing your inside with someone else’s outside”.

Sure, it’s human nature. But it’s also poison, if you do too often.

Isn't that true?

We tend not to think about all the hard work that went into creating that end result we want.​

And seeing that result, and how far away it seems, can be discouraging.​

But it can also be motivational. Inspiring!​

Seeing that result can also remind us that if we're willing to stick with it ... if we're willing to put in the work ... then we, too, will, eventually, arrive at our Point B.​

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