Is your ecommerce site making this deadly mistake?

By Renae Gregoire | Annoying websites

Jan 19

I received an ad in my inbox this morning, inviting me to a new, online shopping venue.

The images in the ad appealed to me, so I clicked.

And this screenshot shows you the FIRST thing the site presented to me, a potential new customer.​

That pop-up box appeared immediately on the site. And there's no way to get out of it unless you're a current customer, or unless you sign up.

But I don't want to sign up! I want to browse first.​

If I like what I see, then perhaps I'll be willing to give you my contact information.​

To make my voice known and to get out of the popup, I did sign up using this information:​

  • email address:​
  • password (requested on the next screen): Illneverbuyfromyourstoreforsure

Surprisingly, this is not the first time I experienced this annoying website behavior.

I captured this screenshot a few months ago, and didn't hide the retailer's name: Fab. Maybe they'll see this post and change their annoying ways.​

It's a real shame, too, because I love maps, and map jewelry would be awesome! But I refuse to give my information before I'm allowed to browse.

If you want me--and others--as customers, then I suggest you avoid this behavior on your ecommerce site.

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