How to reduce shopping cart abandonment

By Renae Gregoire | Annoying websites

Jan 17
How to reduce shopping cart abandonment

Is your ecommerce site loaded with minefields, each of which may cause shopping cart abandonment, and inadvertently kill a sale? 

What kind of minefields? Consider:​

  • Site speed, or how long customers wait for stuff to load​
  • Product reviews, either on your site or elsewhere
  • Product visuals, whether images, videos, or the lack thereof
  • Contact details, whether easy to find or not available
  • Hidden charges at checkout, for shipping or "processing"
  • Registration processes, required or not

The list goes on and on.

Just yesterday, I wrote about two failed online shopping experiences I had, although in those cases I wasn't even able to browse the store, much less to get to the cart.​

Identify and remove the minefields on your ecommerce website by heading over to VoucherCloud and studying their detailed, info-rich, infographic that summarizes research results and reveals the mind of the online shopper. Click on the image to view the full infographic on the VoucherCloud website.​

Happy clicking! Happier shopping!

Photo source: Infographic​


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