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Uplevel your content--and your content marketing

After working on content with business owners and marketers for 15+ years, I'm keenly aware of the frustrations you must endure.

  • That last client proposal your biz-dev person sent was convoluted and hard to follow.
  • All content stops with you, but you're a business owner, not a writer.
  • You're always guessing and "winging it" when it comes to content.
  • You know your content is old (and possibly ugly), but lack the time and energy to deal with.
  • You're not sure which piece of content to create next; should you do a blog post, an ebook, more social posts, a checklist, a success story, or what?!?
  • You have an upcoming tradeshow and have no idea what kind of content to give to prospects.
  • You know your content could be improved, but you're not sure how, or even where to start.

Guess what? It doesn't have to be that way.

Your content marketing just got a whole lot easier

Virtual content marketer here, at your service

As your virtual content marketer, I'll work with you over the course of a year to help you create a strong content marketing strategy. Our goal will be to deliver the right content to the right people at the right times. As part of the work, I'll also conduct a deep content audit, looking in detail at 10 key pieces of your content each quarter (40 per year) so you can make them stronger and more effective. Also expect a steady stream of content ideas, help with messaging, writing guidance, and input on content usability and design.

With those new inputs, your life may start to look more like this:

  • Based on my recommendations, the proposals your biz dev team sends are easy to read, persuasive, and filled with elements that lift the know-like-trust factor.
  • You're producing the content your prospects want and need; no more wondering or winging it.
  • No more unfinished or forgotten content pieces to drag you down; you now have the time and space you need to focus on content.
  • You're methodically working through an up-to-date, strategic content plan, creating pieces that give prospects what they want and you the results you want.
  • You're brimming with ideas for new content to add to your arsenal -- the RIGHT content for the RIGHT people to be delivered at the RIGHT times.
  • Your content inventory has grown significantly thanks to the addition of a new Content Stack each quarter, professionally written with your audience and goals in mind.

Those results are exactly what's possible for you with my Virtual Content Marketer package.

The Virtual Content Marketer package: What's included

What you get

The specifics

Launch questionnaire

Shortly after you book the engagement, I'll send you homework: the launch questionnaire, a brief set of questions whose answers will orient me to your business and allow me to conduct preliminary research in preparation for our first phone session.

Session 1 - Orientation and goal-setting call

To kick off the project, you and I will connect to discuss the engagement. I'll have done my preliminary research, which means I'll be prepared to ask about your company, your audience and their journey, and your goals. In this 60-minute call, either by phone, Skype, or Hangouts, I’ll pick your brain in preparation for the work ahead.


During discovery, I dive deeply, shining a light on your competitors, differentiation, audience, and company. The work I do during discovery -- a competitive content audit and market analysis -- will inform the content audit to come, and lay the foundation for your content marketing strategy. I'll take notes, jotting down questions, concerns, objections, and thoughts. These notes, in turn, become a discovery questionnaire, which we'll walk through together during our next call.

Session 2 - Discovery call

During the discovery call, which usually lasts about an hour, we'll work through the discovery questionnaire together. The goal of this call is to access the information and insight I need to conduct the upcoming DeepAudit, provide recommendations, and create your 90-day strategy and new Content Stack.


The DeepAudit is part inventory, part audit: I'll take in the big picture of your content and review any content data you might have. The goal is to improve your existing content, and to understand what's there, what's not, what's working, what's not, what's good, what's not. I present my findings in a DeepAudit report.

Session 3 - DeepAudit call

The DeepAudit call tends to be one of our shorter phone sessions. We'll discuss my findings, areas where you can improve overall, and how our work together so far will affect the shape of your content marketing strategy.

Strategy x 4

Now, filled to the brim with an understanding of your content, your place in the market, and what you and your audience want, I'll create your content marketing strategy for the next 90 days. The strategy will include both broad strokes and fine lines, stretching from overarching goals and monthly themes to daily actions and tactics. It's the content marketing plan you've always wanted but never had, all designed to help you achieve the goals you set out to begin with. At the end of each quarter, I'll reassess the strategy and provide tweaks and guidance to keep you on goal.

Session 4 - Strategy call

During this last "getting started" call, I'll go over the first strategy with you, answering questions and fine-tuning as needed. You (and I) are now ready to go forth and create the right content!

DeepReview x 10 x 4

Each quarter, I'll provide a deep, thorough review of and detailed recommendations for up to 10 pieces of content -- up to 40 pieces of content during our year together. The review will include screenshots and annotations, as well as guidance for current and future improvements.

Professionally created content; choose from one of three Content Stacks each quarter

During the first month of our working together and after each quarterly strategy review, you'll choose from one of three Content Stacks: the Funnel Stack (ad or email copy, landing page copy, and copy for a "free giveaway), the Social Stack (a set of 30 social graphics in a theme and with topics of your choice), or the Blog Stack (three blog posts of your choosing). I'll provide much more detail about the Stacks during our Get-Acquainted call.

Monthly progress calls

Get ideas, support, an expert sounding board--and the time and space you need each month to focus on content. Each month, we'll connect to assess our progress and adjust as needed to keep us on track for acheiving your goals.

Weekly email check-ins

Your content projects won't fall through the cracks when I'm on your team. I'll gently poke and prod those who need it--including you--with weekly updates that reflect the status of your projects, plus a little inspiration and fun along the way!

Ideas for new content and new presentation methods from a fresh set of eyes

As I work with your content, I'll invariably have many ideas: for new content, new forms of content, new ways of presenting content, new ways of recycling existing content. Think of me as your content maestro, orchestrating and conducting on your behalf.

Stronger, clearer messages for your brand, products, and services

As I work with your content, I'll also ask many questions that help us get crystal clear on the benefits of what you offer and why people should choose you instead of anyone else. And because I love to share what I learn, I'll naturally share insights and messaging recommendations with you.

Improve more than "words;" improve content readability and usability so people actually want to -- and enjoy -- reading your content

My mad desire is to create readable, enjoyable content that proactively answers reader questions, tackles reader objections, and smooths out whatever rough edges might cause the reader to work harder than she should to consume your content. In my eyes, YOU, the business owner or marketing professional, should do the work to make your content as easy to consume as possible. During our work together, I'll nudge you in the direction of creating that kind of content -- the kind that seamlessly, smoothly, leads readers ever closer to YES.

If you'd like more access to me as we work together, consider the Virtual Content Marketer PLUS package. It includes everything you get in the standard Virtual Content Marketer package, PLUS unlimited email, chat, and text access to me during business hours (ET) for you and up to two members of your team. This added service is great for answers to quick questions, in-the-moment guidance, and “how does this sound” feedback. If you're intrigued, head over to the Virtual Content Marketer PLUS page.

Is the Virtual Content Marketer package right for you?

Because of the in-depth, personal attention I provide through the Virtual Content Marketer package, spaces are limited. I'm specifically looking for business owners and marketing professionals who want to commit to content excellence and are willing to do the work it takes to get there. If you're interested in a seat for next year, let's schedule a call to make sure the program is a good match for both of us. There's no obligation; the call is simply to identify fit. Please choose a time that works for you on the calendar that follows.

P.S. If you run into problems with the calendar (technology, you know!), please email me so I can get it fixed--and you scheduled.