Ebook do-over

"Rewrite my ebook!" Go from crappy ... to snappy.

Why hire someone to rewrite your ebook? Maybe:

  • ​Your messaging has shifted.
  • The writer you hired missed the mark–-a little or, sadly, a lot.
  • You tried to write it yourself, but kept getting bogged down by other priorities.
  • Your intern (or sales guy) had a go at it, but … well … he’s an intern (or a sales guy).

That’s where my Ebook Do-Over services comes in.

Ebook Do-Over: How it works

First, if you haven’t already, I ask that you pop over to my ebook-writing services page to understand my philosophy on ebooks. Warning: I don’t follow the crowd in this area, opting to create ebooks that are as easy on the brain as they are on the eyes.

If you like my thinking — if you agree and want an ebook that fulfills a reader’s hope — read on. Learn exactly what you’ll get with my Ebook Do-Over package.

The Ebook Do-over package: What’s included

What you get

The specifics

  • 30-minute kickoff call

Before I begin, I need to know who I’m writing to, and what your goals for the ebook are. In this 30-minute call, either over the phone, by Skype, or through Hangouts, I’ll pick your brain in preparation for the review and rework.

  • Ebook review

With your ideal ebook reader and your goals in mind, I’ll evaluate the ebook, looking at things like organization, flow, images, and whether there’s too much content here or too little content there. Along the way, I’ll take notes, which I’ll send to you in the form of detailed recommendations and a preliminary revised outline if you haven’t provided one.

  • Questionnaire development

Sometimes, to give your readers what they need to move to the next step in your process, I’ll need more information, either from you or from others in your company. To get at that information, I’ll develop a questionnaire using Word or Google Docs–your preference. Your job will be to respond to my questions and get me the information I need.

  • Writing - up to 20 pages

Now I get down to business, revising your ebook and providing recommendations for graphics and stock photos. If you use a certain stock photo source, let me know; I’ll look there. Note that this packaged service allows only for up to 20 pages of content. If your ebook is larger, please contact me so I can work up a specific quote for you. (But keep in mind that people are busy, with little time to read long ebooks. If your ebook is longer than 20 pages, you should consider breaking it into smaller, more digestible pieces. I can help you there, too.)

  • Editing

When I send the revised ebook to you — via Word or Google Docs, your choice — you read it, mark it up, ask questions, ask me to add or remove content … whatever it takes to get the piece ready to send to your designer. I’ll work up version 2.0, and send it to you for design.

  • Optional: Post-design review

Although not part of this package, you may also want me to look at the ebook one last time, after it’s been through design. You’d be surprised at how many times I find errors: Duplicated paragraphs, wrong captions, even typos that you and I may have missed during our earlier review. The post-design review service costs $250; I’ll bill you separately for it once I’m through.

Have questions? Maybe I’ve already answered them in my ebook Q&A.

No questions? If you're ready, read on to learn how to get started.

Next step: Hire me to transform your ebook.

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